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Lady Heather Kessler
Played by - Melida Clarke

The Other CSI Actors & Actresses - Home to the GSR

Dominatrix/Owner of the Dominion
Seasons - 2, 3, 6, 7 & 9

Season 2 - Slaves of Las Vegas
Season 3- Lady Heathers box
Season 6- Pirates of the Third Reich
Season 7 - The Good the bad and the Dominatrix
Season 9- Leave out all the rest.

Season 11 - 11.19 Unleashed

A Dominatrix who owns and runs the Dominion a sexual fetish club, that soon comes up in one of the CSI cases bringing her in contact, and to an often unusual friendship with Gil Grissom throughout most the seasons.

When meeting her, Grissom becomes instantly interested in her. They have tea, where she lets him know that she has a daughter, Zoë, who's studying at Harvard.

Grissom, becomes attracted to Lady Heather because they are "both anthropologists. He's fascinated by her science, [a look at] the sexual psyche of human beings.
Judy Tremont
Played by - Victoria Prescott
The Other CSI Actors & Actresses - Home to the GSR

LVPD Crime Lab Receptionist

Season 3 onward
- Judy is a new secretary of the crime lab in the Season 3 episode Bood Lust and onwards. She was used as an experiment in Blood lust to represent a smaller person trying to drag a larger body. Judy is a semi-recurring character in the series.

Appeared in the tense episode 7.24 Living Doll when Grissom asked her if anyone had been in his office.

3.09 Blood Lust
7.24 Living Doll
Terri Miller
Played by - Pamela Gidley

The Other CSI Actors & Actresses - Home to the GSR

Anthrapologist Expert


Seasons 1 and 3
- a forensic anthropologist called in byGrissom's team several times throughout season one of CSI to assist with their investigation. She
first appears in the sixth episode of season1 where she reconstructs a woman's face from a skeleton and mould in order to identify her. The next time she appears is in the fourteenth episode, to piece together a skeleton found in the desert. In this episode, at the end she has dinner with Grissom, a romantic date. However, Grissom is called away to a case and before he can apologise to Teri, she is gone. She later appears in the seventeenth episode 'face lift' where she uses age progression software which identifies a missing girl as Tammy Felton. During the episode Grissom asks her, "Will we ever have dinner again?" She replies, "Oh we'll have dinner. Just not together." She appears again in the last episode of season one, where she identifies a headless body as a gorilla, not the human they assumed it was at first. In season 3 she appears again for the last time, in 'Snuff' to reconstruct the face of another skeleton, which turns out to be a boy. In this episode, Grissom talks to her and finds out she got married to a teacher, thus removing any possibility of a romance between her and Grissom.

Hank Pettigrew

Played by - Christopher Weihl

Episode 3.11 recipe for Murder - Home to the GSR

Medical Paramedic

Seasons 2 & 3

Episodes -
2.05 Bully for you -

3.01 Revenge is best served cold
2.14: The Finger
3.02: The Accused is entitled

3.03: Let the Seller beware
3.07 Fight Night
3.11 Recipe for Murder
Crash n Burn

Played a paramedic who meets Sara Sidle while on a case and then later asks her out to dinner. They are later seen on a date in the episode 'Finger', then he is seen again briefly in the episode 'The Accused is entitled' when he moves a key piece of evidence. But things turn sour when he is found out to be dating Sara when he already has a steady girlfriend called Elaine, and is pretty much dumped by Sara.
Michael Keppler
Played by - Liev Schreiber

The Other CSI Actors & Actresses - Home to the GSR

CSI Level 3

Season 7 - 3 Episodes
- Keppler worked with the LVPD CSI team on the graveyard shift, filling in for Grissom who was on a four week sabbatical. He shot and killed a man accused of raping his lover Amy in Philadelphia and had since moved away to Baltimore, then to Las Vegas. Amy's father, Frank, got mixed up in the shooting of a police officer and blackmailed Keppler into letting him go. Keppler subsequently figured out that Frank raped his own daughter and killed her, framing an innocent man. While confronting Frank, Keppler was shot and killed protecting a prostitute. It looked as though a possible romantic relationship was developing between Keppler and Catherine Willow, who was extremely upset on witnessing his death after he protected her at the scene.

Ronnie Lake

Played by - Jessica Lucas

CSI Co-Workers Continued - Home to the GSR

CSI Level

Season 8 -
Ronnie was brought in during season 8 to be the trainee partner of Sara Sidle when the latter transferred to swing shift. Lake is very talkative and asks a lot of questions. In the episode 8.07 Goodbye & Good Luck (Her last appearance) she attempts to get an abused woman into a shelter. When Sara resigns in the same episode, she leaves a note in Ronnie's locker wishing her good luck.

Charlotte Meridian

Played by - Susan Gibney

The Other CSI Actors & Actresses - Home to the GSR

Fingerprint Analysis Technician

Seasons 1 & 2 Charlotte was a fingerprint technician. In the pilot episode, we found out that Charlotte once dated Grissom, but the occasion turned sour when Grissom discovered that Charlotte did not share his passion for Pink Floyd;

Grissom (ponders): If latex rubber and cooking spray went on a blind date, how would the night end?
Charlotte: A lot better than ours did.
Grissom: I know, Pink Floyd's not your thing.
Charlotte: I have on cowboy boots. I work in a lab. What makes you think "Dark Side of the Moon" synched to the Wizard of Oz is going to warm my damn barn?
Grissom: I just thought it'd be something different.
Charlotte: You want to be different? Pin me up against a wall; lay one on me like you mean it.

Dr Jenna Williams
Played by - Judith Scott

The Other CSI Actors & Actresses - Home to the GSR

Coroner/Medical Examiner

Season 1 – Dr. Williams was a medical examiner in the Crime Lab who appeared before Dr Albert Robbin's, and appeared in several episodes with all the CSI's

Adam Novak
Played by - Alan Rosenberg
The Other CSI Actors & Characters - Home to the GSR

Suspect killer


Seasons 5 & 7 - Real life husband of Marg Helgenburger, Alan played a Lawyer who becomes a murder suspect in the Episode Weeping Willows, and has a short appearance in Leaving Las Vegas.

Paul Millander
Played by -

The Other CSI Actors & Actresses - Home to the GSR

Bath Tub Serial Killer

Information yet to add

Natalie Davis
Played by - Jessica Collins

Miniature Killer & Victims - Home to the GSR

Miniature Serial Killer

The character of the Miniature Killer was the main subject of most of the show's seventh season, first appearing in the premiere of the seventh season, and finally being identified in the season finale. She also made a reappearance in an episode of season 9.

The Miniature Killer's victims were killed in widely different manners, including bludgeoning, poisoning, and electrocution. Why she chose to kill each victim in the manner that she did is as yet unknown, although it has been suggested that the first letter of each type of murder spells out bleach.

Natalie was the elder daughter of Christopher Davis, a talented ventriloquist who billed himself as "The Great Rainone." Natalie had a younger sister, whose name was Chloe. Natalie was jealous of the attention Chloe received from their father

The Miniature Killer Section

Nathan Haskell

Played by - Bill Irwin

The Other CSI Actors & Characters - Home to the GSR

The Dick & Jane Serial Killer

The Dick & Jane Killer Section

First appeared on CSI in Season 9 as the caged character Nate Haskell, the Dick & Jane serial killer who is taking part in a lecture via Ely Prison.

Season 9
9.09 19 Down - Grissom 1st encounters him as he attends Dr Langston's lecture, as he tries to find the perpetrator of similar crimes to Haskell's, maybe a copycat?
9.10 One To Go
- Grissom tracks the accomplice of Haskell who is carrying out copycat crimes of the serial killer, while Dr Langston interacts with the caged killer.

Season 10
10.22 Dr Who - Ray is investigating a new serial killer Dr Jekyll, but Nate Haskell calls Ray to hint that he knows who the new killer is.
10.23 Meat Jekyll - Haskell is brought to LVPD from Ely Prison, against the wishes of Brass, so they can interview him about his knowledge about Dr Jekyll, but Ray ends up getting stabbed off Nate.

Season 11
11.01 Shock Waves - Ray is rushed into emergency surgery & looses a kidney, while Haskell is seen in his imagination asking if he would like them both to pray together.
- To be continued this season

Lou Gedda
Played by -

The Other CSI Actors & Characters - Home to the GSR

Las Vegas Mobster

Season 8

8.? Cockroaches
8.17 For Gedda

Sam Braun
Played by -
Scott Wilson

The Other CSI Actors & Actresses - Home to the GSR

Casino Owner & Father to Catherine Willows

Sam Braun nicknamed Catherine "Muggs." She did not learn he had fathered her until she was an adult and compared his DNA sample with her own as part of a murder investigation in the episode 'Inside the box'

Sam Braun occasionally created conflicts in cases where he was involved in some way with an ongoing investigation 'Inside the box'. Catherine however accepted a large monetary gift from Braun, despite some ethical qualms, and became more financially stable. Grissom expressed some misgivings when he learned of this,

In episode 702 Built to Kill part 2' Braun is shot and dies moments later in Catherine's' arms.

Lindsey Willows
Played by - Kay Panabaker

The Other CSI Actors & Actresses - Home to the GSR

Daughter to Catherine Willows

(Originally portrayed by Madison McReynolds, in earlier seasons, as of 2006 by Kay), and had a stormy relationship with ex-husband Eddie until his murder in 'Lady Heathers box'.
The show's writers advanced Lindsey's age several years after the death of Eddie, turning the character from preteen to teenager.

Lily Flynn
Played by - Anita Gillette

The Other CSI Actors & Actresses - Home to the GSR

Catherine Willows Mother

Plays a single mother to Catherine, she worked as a cocktail waitress and showgirl at various jobs along the west coast, and was a former lover of Sam Braun, which they seem to rekindle later in the seasons.

She assists Greg with writing his book about Old Las Vegas in season 7.

Brandon Jones

The Other CSI Actors & Characters - Home to the GSR

Charlie Russell
, Son of DB Russell


12.0? Brain Doe
12.17 Trends With Benefits

Enrique Murciano

The Other CSI Actors & Characters - Home to the GSR Addict.comThe Other CSI Actors & Characters - Home to the GSR

Detective Carlos Moreno
Step Son of Detective Vega

Season 10
10' ? Coup De Grace

Season 12
12.20 Altered Stakes
12.21 Dune and Gloom
12.22 Homecoming

Shue: Yeah, I hope so! He’s awfully cute. [Laughs.] He’s going to be there for a few episodes but I have no idea what’s going to go on. He played softball with us, and there was definitely a lot of chemistry. I hope he sticks around; I think that would be good. It’d be good for Finn to have somebody who can pay attention to her, because as much as Russell loves working with her and I think enjoys the spirited relationship they have, I think she needs someone to really pay some more attention to her. ...Source CSI Files

Special Guest Stars (Single Episodes Music/Sport Industry)

Taylor Swift

The Other CSI Actors & Characters - Home to the GSR

Season 9 -

Country singing starlette Taylor Swift will be appearing in the episode 9.16 Turn, Turn, Turn.

"My dream is to die on
CSI," the young singer said recently in an interview with Katie Couric from CBS.

"I've always wanted to be one of the characters on there, that they're trying to figure out what happened to," she explained. In her first primetime acting gig, Swift plays Haley Jones, a young girl whose parents own a seedy motel. Nick Stokes (
George Eads) investigated several cases there over the course of the year leading up to Haley's death.
"I'm obsessed with crime shows. I love them so much. CSI Las Vegas is my favorite

Linkin Park

The Other CSI Actors & Actresses - Home to the GSR

Season 9 -

Although the actual band didn't appear in CSI their song 'Leave out all the rest' appeared as the episode name for 9.05 Leave out all the rest, a very emotive and personal episode for Grissom & Sara. The song and it's lyrics so appropriately chosen for the episode, and played throughout the entire episode.


The Other CSI Actors & Actresses - Home to the GSR

Season 9 -

Pop/Punk group Paramore is a Grammy-nominated American band that appeared briefly on video footage in Archie's A/V Lab in the episode 9.09 19 Down

John Mayer

The Other CSI Actors & Actresses - Home to the GSR

Season 7 -

John Mayer performs Waiting on the World to Change and Slow Dancing In A Burning Room from his current album, Continuum during the last scene of the episode 7.01 Built to Kill Part 1 as Catherine and Nick dance together in a club.

Played by - Clifford Smith aka Method Man

Guest Cast Appearances - Home of the CSI Addict

Season - 6,7 & 8

Is an African - American hip hop artist, record producer, and actorand member of the hip hop collective Wu-tang clan. He is one half of the rap duo Method man & Redman.

3 Episodes - Drops out season 8
Big Shots Season 7
Popping tags season6

Pool Shark Season 11

The Rascal Flatts

The Other CSI Actors & Characters - Home to the GSR


2010 CSI Season 10, Episode 10.14 Unshockable

The country music group Rascal Flatts has signed on to appear in an upcoming episode of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. (Spoilers after the jump!) The episode will be called “Unshockable” and will air next year. The title is “a riff off [the group's] hit album, tour and song,” explained executive producer Carol Mendelsohn. She added, “[They'll] be playing themselves. One of the guys — and tear out my fingernails, but I won’t say who — will become the victim of a crime. The other two ‘Rascals’ will be suspects… thus, jeopardizing the future of the band.” In addition to acting, the group will also be doing what they do best in the episode. “Of course, there will be lots of music,” Mendelsohn said, “and perhaps, even a new original song.”

Justin Bieber

The Other CSI Actors & Characters - Home to the GSR

Season 11 - Episode 11.01 Shock Waves

The Other CSI Actors & Characters - Home to the GSR

Season 10 Episode 10.11 Long Ball

Professional Golfers Rocco Mediate, Gary McCord, Duffy Waldorf And Natalie Gulbis Guest Star As Themselves. The CSI team delves into the world of professional golf when the body of a legendary player is discovered during a high-profile tournament

Former Golfer-Turned-Broadcaster David Feherty And Hair Stylist/Reality Television Star Jonathan Antin ("Blow Out") Also Guest Star

Guest Stars (Single Episodes - Actors)

Holly Gribbs
Played by - Chandra West

The Other CSI Actors & Actresses - Home to the GSR

CSI Level 1 Newbie

Season 1- Episodes 1.01 Pilot – Holly was intended to be a series regular, but the character was not well received by test audiences; she did not survive her shooting, and Sara Sidle was introduced to the cast instead.

Played by - Kevin Federline

The Other CSI Actors & Characters - Home to the GSR

Lead Gang member

Season - 7

Husband of the famous singer Britney Spears - Appeared as the gang leader of the group that beat up and killed various victims and CS Greg Sanders in the episode Fannysmackin.

Dr Vincent Lurie
Played by - Kyle Secor

The Other CSI Actors & Characters - Home to the GSR

Suspected double killer

Season 4 -
Episode 4.12 Butterflied

Plays a suspected double killer, (Female victim doppleganger of Sara) but through lack of evidence walks free from the charge after a heartfelt speach from Grissom in the interrogation room.

Jeremy Kent
Played by - Henry Thomas

Season 9 - Episode 9.23 Reflections

Henry Thomas, the 38yr old actor who starred in the movie ET as a child, has been cast as convicted murderer Jeremy Kent. Catherine put Kent away during her first solo case, and he has spent his time in jail learning about forensics. Now, nearly two decades later, Kent challenges Catherine's findings, and the team must determine if he is truly guilty.

Played by - Michael Welch
The Other CSI Actors & Characters - Home to the GSR


Seasons 3 & 9

Twilight actor Michael Welch will appear in an episode of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation airing in April 2009. The actor has previously guest-starred on CSI in the episode 3.09 Blood Lust as well as CSI: Miami 'Permanent Vacation'

Dr Gilbert
Played by - Deanne Bray

The Other CSI Actors & Characters - Home to the GSR
Dean of Deaf College

Season 1 -

Episode 1.20 Sounds of Silence, where she portays an irritated deaf college dean, who has problems with Sara and Warrick invesitgating their case, but then later communicates with Grissom via sign language.

Played by- Charisma Carpenter
Episode 9.19 The Decent of Man - Home to the GSR


Season 9 - 9.19 Decent of Man
Carpenter's character is a "fun and memorable" skydiver. "I play a slinky little character named Mink," the actress told TV Guide. She added that Mink "is a suspect in the murder of her boyfriend because there was a love triangle between her and another sexy little thing played by The L Word's
Erin Daniels."

Charisma Lee Carpenter (born July 23, 1970) is an American actress. She is best known for playing the character Cordelia Chase in the television series Buffy the vampire slayer and its spin-off Angel Her most recent work was a recurring role early in the second season of the TV show Greek .

source wikipedia - interestingly she was also
born in Las Vegas too!

To be anonounced
Played by - Stacy Oristano

Season 9

Stacy Oristano
who has appeared as character Mindy Collette in Friday Night Lights

Brenda ?
Played by - Dakota Fanning


1 - Episode Blood Drops

Played the youngest daughter of a family where the mother, father and two brothers are brutally killed during the night.

Mrs Grissom (Dr Grissom's Mother)
Played by -
Phyllis Frelich

The Other CSI Actors & Characters - Home to the GSR

Professor Grissom

Tony award-winning deaf actress Phyllis Frelich will play the role of Mrs. Grissom (Grissom's mother) in the early February 2011 Season 11 CSI episode.

Season 11-

11.13 The Two Mrs Grissom's

The episode is currently being filmed (December 2010)

Grissom's Ex (Mrs Grissom Snr's Protege)
Played by - Marlee Matlin

The Other CSI Actors & Characters - Home to the GSR

Ms Holden?


Oscar winning Deaf Actress Marlee Matlin's character is a school colleague who not only serves as Mrs. Grissom’s (Gil's Mother) protege but used to date Gil in the scheduled season 11 Episode set to air in the US early February 2011;

Season 11-

11.13 The Two Mrs Grissom's

The episode is currently being filmed (December 2010)

Jaclyn Smith

The Other CSI Actors & Characters - Home to the GSR

Olivia Hodges (David Hodges Mother)


12.18 Malice in Wonderland

Guest Stars Cast Pets

Played by - George Eads dog Maverick

The Other CSI Actors & Characters - Home to the GSR

Suspected Mauling Victim in the Episode

2 Episodes;

6.09 Dog Eat Dog

The dog who played Cujo is actually George Eads dog- Maverick in this episode where a divorced couple who battle for custody of the dog, then when things go horribly wrong and both are found dead. The dog has blood around it's muzzle and there is a huge bite mark in the female victim, making him a suspect.

Played by - William Petersen's dog Bruno

The Other CSI Actors & Characters - Home to the GSR
Grissom's or Grissom & Sara's dog

Season's 7, 8 & 9

7.22 Leapin Lizards
8.06 Who or What (Was only mentioned)
8.10 Lying Down with Dogs (Appeared in Appeal video)
8.12 Grissom's Divine Comedy
8.12 Grissom's Divine Comedy deleted scene
9.04 Let it bleed

Fantasy GSR - Home to the GSR

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